Creating Lasting Change.

Do you ever find yourself stressed out, overwhelmed and unfocused, maybe you find that your day is being affected by bad experiences of the past or you find yourself fearful of the future, your daily habits are not inline with your goals. This can be very common in the fast paced life we live in.

Over the years I have helped many people in overcoming challenges like these so they get back in the driving seat of their mind  and  feel happier, confident and content.

I help people to understand how their mind works and teach them techniques and strategies that empower and support them in their daily lives. 
Working for many years as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and combining NLP (Neuro Lingusitic programming) QTT (Quantum Thinking Technology) and  various energy therapies together, I can help you to understand yourself and  help you to make Conscious and Subconscious changes which will enable you to get back in control and live the life you desire.

Joe Forde

What I Do

There are 3 different ways I provide my services.

In Person.

I provide 1 to 1 in persons sessions from Orchard Wellness Centre in Ennis, Co. Clare.  Each treatment is  tailored to provide the best solution. 


I provide 1 to 1 Online Sessions using Zoom which is very effective and the perfect solution for those who live in different counties and countries.


I provide a range of group workshops ranging form a 1 hr lunch time workshop up  to a  1 day workshop and everything in between.

Request a Callback.

Request a call back or send me an enquire and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Audio Downloads

My Audio Downloads & Courses

Audio Downloads are a great way to enhance and speed up your Transformation, we have programs to help improve sleep, induce deep relaxation, manage stress and much much more.


Get to know me better in this Interview with my Mentor and Friend Moira Geary