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My name is Joe Forde the creator of Joe Forde Therapies & Transformational Coaching and I am delighted you are interested in improving your life for the better, here I would like to give you a back round into my story and how I have used the tools and techniques of Clinical Hypnotherapy,  Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) , Quantum Thinking Technologies (QTT), Mindfulness and other modalities to make changes in my own life and help many people in their journey of transformation. 

After 10 years building a business in fabrication, sales, imports and exports my business was struggling to survive through the recession of 2008 and I found that studying personal development books and audio programs a great help to navigate my way through the challenges of being a business owner in times of recession. As I started studying the work of Anthony Robbins and Robin Sharma my interests in the workings of the human mind and how we develop skills, behaviours and how we respond to situations in life grew greater and greater. In 2009 it lead me to studying and gaining a qualification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and to achieve my final certificate I needed to work with 10 people and help them to change habits to aid with weight loss and to stop smoking which I had great success with and really loved the work.
 After qualifying I was determined to make the change of career into the world of Hypnotherapy so I contact a very experienced Hypnotherapist in Galway called John Connolly and asked to join his clinic as an intern and after an interview and showing John what I could do I was very fortunate to start my internship with Mindbody Hypnosis and worked  along side John as my mentor for 2 years and then continuing on to run my own Hypnosis Clinic in Ennis under the umbrella of the Mindbody Hypnosis Network.  

Working in the field of personal change stirred up a strong desired to learn more and more about the human mind so I continued my studies and my focus was now on Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP) and Human Needs Psychology. At this time I was now thinking of travelling to the UK and doing online courses from USA but I was very fortunate to be introduced to the fabulous work of Moira Geary and decided to Study with Moira and gained my Qaulification in NLP and Quantum Thinking Technologies (QTT) a coaching modality that she had developed through her vast experience of working with people to make life changes. The QTT certification consisted of training in NLP, coaching, the powerful Quantum Release, Quantum Alignment and The Behavoural Codes which all complimented my hypnotherapy treatments greatly. 

Now I was working full time helping people with a wide array of issues like habit changing, dealing with stress, overwhelm, fear, panic, past trauma and many other modern life challenges. My interest now was about development not just a clinic offering my modalities but creating a centre to provide a full selection of services that would compliment each other and help people in all aspects of their lives nourishing Mind, Body & Spirit.
In 2014 my wife Theresa an I decided to open a wellness Centre and Orchard Wellness Centre was born providing a wide range of therapies, treatments, classes and workshops to help people to achieve health and well being. With the development of the centre and partnering with a group of experts practitioners I got introduced to a wide range of different modalities and this encouraged me to continue my studies and over the past six years I have studied and continued training in Breathwork, Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Bio Energy Therapy, Wellness Coaching and also continue to learn and practice Qigong and other modalities to enhance my work and life.

I am a great believer in that Knowledge is potential power and I love the old saying “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish you feed him for a life time” and I am a strong advocate for continued learning and personal development. I now work in many different ways and using what I have learnt over the years to enhance my own life and improve my skills and overcome my own challenges like dealing with stress, overwhelm, the fear of public speaking, failure and success, overcoming limiting beliefs of not being good enough to bring me to a place where I enjoy delivering workshops, talks and training’s to hundreds of people from small businesses, public service organisations, multinational companies and individuals from all walks of life. 

Please have a look at some of the feedback from people I have worked with over the past 10 years and also check out my video interview with my mentor and friend Moira Geary to get a better since of what I do. 
I am happy to chat with you to discuss what is possible and how I can assist in your transformation and overcoming challenges. 

Feedback & Reviews

Checkout some feedback and reviews from mentors and clients I have worked with over the past 10 years.

Joe has worked with me in Mindbody Hypnosis and is an excellent, caring and trustworthy person. He is passionate about the work we do and his results speak for themselves.

John Connolly

Owner & Hypnotherapist at Mindbody Hypnosis & Hypnosports.

What do you do when you have 30 year negative behaviour patterns and thinking that you cannot seem to shift but really want to be rid of ?? ….. I went to Joe…I have complete confidence in absolutely recommending this guy to all…

Aishling O' Leary.

I highly recommend Joe Forde after experiencing a trauma/shock which was affecting my sleep pattern. I went to Joe he used a combination of Hypnotherapy and energy therapy, it worked a treat my sleep pattern returned to normal very quickly and the experience was no longer affecting me in the same way.

Teresa Peters

What Can I Do for You?

My combination of a number of modalities, therapies and techniques are all focused on you getting the Transformation you are looking for, 

So this rises the question
“What is True Transformation”

To transform anything is to make a marked change in form, nature or appearance of something, so in life it is no different. When we are making a change in some aspect of our lives there are lots of different components and the end result is that we take a new action and do something in a whole new way. 
So for example if we want to transform our weight and fitness we know what to do, eat healthy food and exercise regularly, we know how to do this, so why is change so difficult and so many fail to accomplish their goals with ease.

So why is change so difficult ?

Change is difficult because it isn’t just knowing what to do and how to do it that counts, it’s having the right programming to do so, our habits and behaviours need to be in alignment and for this to happen we also have to be telling ourselves the correct story or in others words holding the correct beliefs. Throughout our lives we develop our habits behaviours and responses to life experience we also form beliefs about ourselves, the world and what is possible to achieve. We create associations in our brains of how to respond to certain things in order for us to feel comfortable and safe, sometimes these serve us but other times there is a malfunction in the programming.

So how can we make desired change with ease?

Picture this, going back to the weight loss example, as babies we have a strong association between food and comfort, a baby cries and they get a bottle of sweet milk they get held securely by their parents and feeling safe and comforted this creates a strong association in the mind. Later in life as a toddler they fall and cut their knee and they get ice cream or a sweet to make it all ok, this strengthens the association further and so on.
What happens when they are adults and are feeling stress or uncertain there mind has a strong belief that food will comfort and help them so this starts a pattern of comfort eating. What if you where to combine this with a belief that exercise is boring, painful or a waste of time then you can see how losing weight could be an issue in stressful times.  Changing jobs, partners and other external things could be a solution to reduce the stressors but this a temporary help as we can’t  be in control of everything in our external world, but we can control how we respond to it and change our feeling around it. This is not just the case with things like weight loss and other habit’s this create the obstacles in all aspects of life from work, business and relationships.
 As humans we are driven my emotion to avoid pain and to gain pleasure and knowing how to gain emotional intelligence and skills to change habit’s, behaviours and limiting beliefs is what I help you achieve so you can create the transformation you desire. 

Want Help in your Transformation ?

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Get to know me better in this Interview with my Mentor and Friend Moira Geary