Breathwork for Health

The way we breathe plays a major role in the quality of our health and in our mental and emotional states.
In this fast paced life we live we can develop patterns of breathing that supports feelings of stress, overwhelm and other health issues.
In this 4 hour workshop you learn to determine how effective your breathing pattern is and how you can make simple changes that can make a big difference in how you feel and the quality of your health.

What you will learn in this Workshop.

Identify your current Breathing Pattern.

Though life experience we develop our unique pattern of breathing, identifying the effectiveness of our breathing helps us to make simple conscious corrections which can make a major difference in our health.

Learn how the respiratory system works.

The Respiratory System influences over 30 functions in the body, understanding how the system works helps us to understand why certain breathing exercises are effective and how we can perfect them easier.

Learn effective breathing exercises.

With all the different breathing exercises you here about, there can be a lot of confusion on what one to do and when to do it. You will learn the most effective breathing for the different situations we encounter in a busy life.

How to beat stress with the correct breathing.

The Stress response is closely associated with our breathing. Being able to switch on your own rest and digest response, the relaxation response helping us to self regulate, beat stress and feel relaxed and in control.

Improve sleep and energy.

If we wake up in the morning and feel unrested and tired, if we find ourselves snoring in sleep, these are all connected to how we breath at night. Learning to correct this will improve sleep, energy and focus.

Boost the immune System.

Using or breath we can influence our central nervous system, switch off stress that suppresses the immune system but also use it to switch on the immune response to fight infection, begin able to utilise nitric oxide that helps kill virus and bacteria.

“One Conscious Breath
In and out
is a Meditation”

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