Do you want to

Stop Smoking For Good ?

Do you want to be free from the Smoking habit?

Have you HAD IT with this health and wealth sucking habit?

Are you ready to STOP NOW for good?

If you answered YES to these 3 questions your in the right place because we can help.

Our Stop Smoking Program has been developed over many years specifically with smokers in mind, many years of refinement, experience and seeing the best things that work have resulted in creating the most effective program for you to stop smoking for good.

In this program you will receive the help needed to overcome stress, fear and limiting beliefs that are keeping you smoking. We use the strategies of personal development coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and the power of harnessing the understand of the behavioural codes to help you change your feelings and beliefs about smoking so you can become free for good.


Your journey to success looks like this…

Our program starts for you at home where you receive 3 Audio lessons to help prepare you to be a non smoker, the purpose of these lessons is to help increase your desire, commitment and have a full understanding of how the smoking habit has been formed. Understand what is keeping you smoking and how your mind works and how hypnotherapy works for you. You will also receive 2 self hypnosis tracks, 1 for relaxation and the other track is to prepare you for your 1 to 1 session in our centre or via Zoom.

When you attend your session you will have a full consultation and a tailored coaching and hypnotherapy session which last about 2 hours. We will guide you through a simple detox to get the nicotine and other chemicals out of your system. You have access to your coach by phone for the week after your treatment and if you need any further help you have a free support session available to you. One support session is available free of charge for the 12 months prior to your treatment if you feel you ever need any further assistance. Only 1 in 10 need the support session but it’s there if needed.

This program is for people who are serious about becoming free from smoking for good, everything is covered in details so the changes you need to make are made both at a conscious and subconscious level.

We understand that it is most important when someone is making a lifestyle change that it’s the correct time for them, they are in the right frame of mind and their desire to change is strong so that is why we offer a complimentary no obligation phone consultation.


If you are ready to take your first step to become a Non-smoker click the form below to request your Free phone consultation.