Stress management Workshop

We all get stressed from time to time however chronic stress has a major effect on our health.

The Stress Management Workshop is a 2 hr 30 min workshop that is provided in a group setting with 10 up to 20 people. In this interactive workshop we look at the what stress is and the effects it has on our bodies and how it effects our daily life. The main part of the workshop is spending time learning techniques to deal with and reduce stress and switch on the relaxation response.
This Workshop is great for the work place and can be provide via Zoom or Teams for groups as well as in person.
The Course will include interactive information sections, practical exercises and group relaxation sessions delivered in a relaxed, fun, and interactive way.

What is covered in this Workshop. You will learn.

  • How our minds work in an easy to understand way.

  • Looking at Stress and what it is, how it can affect us , and learn ways to get in control.                            

  • Learn easy to do active meditations that anyone can use.

  • Breathing techniques that work straight away and switch on the relaxation response.

  •  Learn how to improve levels of Emotional Intelligence.

  • How to increase Positive Psychology and Gratitude for mental well-being.

  • Learning progressive relaxation method to wind down and improve sleep.

  • Looking at work-life balance and how by making some small changes, improvements can be made immediately.

    At the start of each workshop attendee’s input is encouraged and course content is then tailored to suit the requirements of each group. Every group can have specific skills they would like to learn to enhance their wellbeing.

For Further information about booking a workshop please enquire using the form below.

Stress management Workshop