Treatments & Workshops

My Treatments & Workshops

I provide a range of treatments & workshops to help people overcome fear, panic and overwhelm, help to change habits & behaviours like smoking, over eating & anger out bursts. 
In workshops I teach people how to manage stress, use state management techniques and learn how to meditate and use self hypnosis to create lasting change. 

Emotional Release Program

Throughout our life experiences we can hold on to fears, hurts, anger and resentment from the past and these emotions can get locked in and create patterns of responding in ways that are destructive in our day to day life. These emotions can be released in as little as 2 session.


Stop Smoking Program

Our Stop Smoking Program has been developed over many years specifically with smokers in mind, many years of refinement, experience and seeing the best things that work have resulted in creating the most effective program for you to stop smoking for good.

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Weight loss Hypnosis Program

There are hundreds of diets and exercise programs out there and they all have great benefits if you follow the plan, eat the correct foods and do regular exercise. Where the problem arises is in the follow through.

Stress Management Workshop

The Stress Management Workshop is a 2 hr 30 min workshop that is provided in a group setting with 10 up to 20 people. In this interactive workshop we look at the what stress is and the effects it has on our bodies and how it effects our daily life. The main part of the workshop is spending time learning techniques to deal with and reduce stress and switch on the relaxation response.

Master Your Mind Workshop

These workshops have been carefully created from the experience of delivering group training's and workshops to hundreds of participants over the past 3 years. The content provided is based on the feedback received from the people who attended these workshops and what they desired to learn to improve their quality of life. This workshop is a 1 day workshop and it is focus on learning how to master the inner game.

Breathwork for Health Workshop

The way we breath plays a major role in the quality of our health and in our mental and emotional states. In this fast paced life we live we can develop patterns of breathing that supports feeling of stress, overwhelm and other health issues. In this 4 hour workshop you learn how to determine how effective your breathing pattern is and how you can make simple changes that can make a big difference in how you feel and the quality of you health.