Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Do you feel guilty for eating fatty foods?

Are you constantly at war with your mind?

Is managing your time around meal preparation a problem?

Losing weight and gaining it back all the time?

These are the problems this program helps with.

There are hundreds of diets and exercise programs out there and they all have great benefits if you follow the plan, eat the correct foods and do regular exercise. Where the problem arises is in the follow through, the motivation, food cravings and that emotional fight between pain and pleasure the things that drive human behaviour.
In this program we are working on changing those behaviours, limiting beliefs and mindset and helping you to reach your ideal size and weight in a healthy way. If you are losing weight for a while and then gaining it back again and then it comes to a point where your find yourself questioning is it ever possible, you may get results while you are motivated however when the willpower dwindles you end up back heavier than when you started. If you are constantly struggle with your weight, feeling guilty about eating junk food and not doing exercise this adds to the internal turmoil.


This program is about changing from the inside out, what does this mean? as babies we have a strong association between food and comfort, a baby cries and they get a bottle of sweet milk they get held securely by their parents and feeling safe and comforted, this creates a strong association in the mind. Later in life as a toddler falls and cut their knee and they get ice cream or a sweet to make it all ok, this strengthens the association further and so on and so on. What happens when they are adults and are feeling stress or uncertain there mind has a strong belief that food will comfort and help them so this starts a pattern of comfort eating. What if you where to combine this with a belief that exercise is boring, painful or a waste of time then you can see how losing weight could be an issue in stressful times.  Changing jobs, partners and other external things could be a solution to reduce the stressors but this is a temporary help as we can't  be in control of everything in our external world, but we can control how we respond to it and change our feeling around it.
This is not just the case with things like weight loss and other habit's this create the obstacles in all aspects of life from work, business and relationships.  As humans we are driven my emotion to avoid pain and to gain pleasure and knowing how to gain emotional intelligence and skills to change habit's, behaviours and limiting beliefs is what I help you achieve so you can create the transformation you desire.

About this program.

Weight gain doesn't happen over night and unfortunately losing it doesn't happy like that either, consistency and repetition is the mother of all skills and becoming your ideal weight is no different. This program is broken down into 6 session delivered over a period of 4 months, starting with longer sessions closer apart and then spaced out more and more as you get back in the driving seat of your habits and behaviours, these sessions are looking at the current situation, what needs to change and what habits, beliefs and emotions that need to be worked on to make this change permanent and sustainable, this is not about deprivation or dieting or beating your body up with exercise, this is about developing a mindset, lifestyle and habits that will change your relationship with food and exercise for the future so you can not only become your ideal weight but you have created a new way of living so you create harmony and a since of peace within yourself.

What's included in the program

6 one to one sessions using QTT, NLP Techniques & Hypnotherapy.
Two 2 hr sessions, Two 1.5 hr Sessions & Two 1 hr sessions.
6 self hypnosis recording to use between sessions.
Access to online resources like
Stress manage techniques, emotional eating treatments and habit changing tools.
Everything you need to change your lifestyle to reach your goals.
Pricing for the program.
Total program Including all resources €700
Payable when booking each session.
Session 1 - €200
Sessions 2 to 6 - €100 per session.

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